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This week's happy story:

Carol Miller

Happiness in a Hug

A small woman makes a big impact on people’s happiness. Carol stared at the official-looking form for several minutes. ORGANIZATION NAME Okay, got that, she thought. CONTACT PERSON Carol had… Meet Carol Miller


Your destiny is to be happy!

Happy This Year! by International Bestselling author Will Bowen, will inspire you to draw a line in the sands of your life and declare unequivocally that over the next twelve months you will begin to experience a happier life. At this pronouncement, you may feel a surge of giddy excitement—as well as a pang of nagging doubt—but, within these pages, you will find both the processes and shifts necessary to enjoy increased levels of happiness.

“If i get….I’ll be happy”, “If I do… I’ll be happy”

Happiness is not the result of getting or achieving. Rather, happiness is a cause that is the shortest and most direct path to personal fulfillment and achievement. In Happy This Year!, you will learn how to align your thoughts, words and actions so that they create the habits, character and destiny of happiness.

Being a happy person significantly improves all areas of life, leading to better physical health, an increased sense of well-being, greater success at work, and deeper, more fulfilling relationships with others. Through practical advice, step-by-step instructions and inspiring stories, Will helps you remove your mental and lifestyle blocks so that happiness flows freely.

Will’s unique perspective on happiness, formed through a wide range of spiritual and secular influences, infuses timeless spiritual wisdom with scientific study, personal experience, and powerful anecdotes.

Regardless of your challenges, you can experience increased and sustainably higher levels of happiness every day!